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Business Principles

The strength of Calvert Energy culture is founded on the expectation that all employees hold themselves accountable to all customers, vendors, and co-workers alike. We are profoundly mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards to our community, environment, and our clients.

We embrace new ideas and welcome new opportunities. Our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for thought leadership serves as a powerful catalyst for growth and success.

We act with transparency and honesty. Our customers, co-workers, and business partners rely on us as a critical component of their success. In return, we honor their faith in us by offering utmost candor coupled with expertise.

We exemplify the meaning of high-touch, passionate, personal service. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to provide superior customer service while cultivating long term relationships. We take pride in serving as industry advocates, while meeting and exceeding our partner's needs.

We are persistently looking for new ways to improve personally, as a team, and as an organization to perform at the highest level for our clients. We expect our employees to take action, execute efficiently, and fulfill promises.


In 2016,CALVERT ENERGY GROUP and Oxeon Energy entered into a long-term development and licensee agreement to finance, design, build, and market Oxeon patented gas to liquids technologies in Mexico, Africa, Russia, and Middle East.


Oxeon patented technology of Oxeon gliding arch plasma reforming (GAPR) and advance modified reactor (AMR) takes the struggling GTL world from concept to reality with the lowest capex to barrel cost and within the smallest installed footprint.


This achievement has won the recognition of the Department of Energy USA, US Air Force and many of the top oil & gas companies in the world.


Plasma reactor technology is a process that rearranges carbon and hydrogen molecules in a manner that produces liquids and heavier hydrocarbon molecules.


Designed for on & offshore applications CAL-GTL provides the right solution for small to mid-scale applications to convert flare, biogas, land-fill, and methane gas into valuable liquid products such as diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, methanol and ethanol. The CAL-GTL plant provides a simplified and cost competitive solution.


CAL-GTL technology is proven, modular and scalable. It operates at very low power levels, can accept various gas feed compositions directly from the well pad or processing unit, typical gas feed volumes between 200Mscfd to 100MMscfd.


Basic designed for natural, associated, and non-associated, methane and flare gas.





The CALVERT CAL-GTL® process converts natural, flare, and methane gas into methanol in a single, simple step.


The patented process uses a proven glided arch reformer and partial oxidation reactor that is effective on high and low btu gas.


The carbon efficiencies exceed current and traditional technologies without expensive pre-treatment, exotic catalysts or complicated processing steps.


The introductory CAL-GTL plant further simplifies the process by producing a raw blend of liquid alcohols.


The alcohol blend can then be refined with a basic upgrader or oxtane booster.


The GTL system yield produces 100bbls of liquids for every 1MMscf of gas feed. The plant can be operated and monitored remotely.


- Typical foot print for a 100bpd GTL plant: 4 meters (l) x 3 meters (w) x 5 meters (h).
- Typical yield: 1MMscf equals 100bbls.



4m (L) X 4m (W) X 5m (H)

Modified FT reactor production is highly exothermic

- Proprietary, internal heat transfer insert

- Reduced capital and operating cost

- Production of iron and cobalt catalysts

- Operation with catalysts from other suppliers

    - Major oil company (Hybrid)

- Operate with other feedstock options than gas


FT reactor synthesis

- CO + 2 H2 -CH2- + H2O H= -165kJ/mol

- Co ~220°C (LTFTS)

- Fe ~260°C (HTFTS)

- Product distribution vs. temperature

- Catalyst deactivation and thermal excursion


Catalyst conductivity

- Packed bed thermal conductivity typically 0.2 W/m-K

- MFEC thermal conductivity 10 W/m-K

- Proprietary Ceramatec thermal methods tested


Product from iron catalyst at different temperatures
Ceramatec finned heat transfer insert
MFEC insert IM technology




100BPD 4m (L) X 4m (W) X 5m (H)

Standardized modular GTL system
– Transportable system in modules of 10 - 100 BPD
– Centralized catalyst service
– Catalyst replacement, reduction, & activation


Proven 4" fixed bed heat removal
– Proprietary Finned Tubes, mean lower operating and capital cost


Various catalysts produced and tested
– Iron based (FeCuK)
– Cobalt
– Ruthenium
– Hybrid catalyst


Operated with CH⁴, anaerobic digester gas, high temperature co-electrolysis, coal gasification


Patented non-thermal guided arch plasma reformer
– Not sensitive to sulfur in the natural gas
– Can use “wet” natural gas
– Highest Efficiencies of Reforming Technologies on the market today



- Arc forms at narrowest point
- Arc driven up by gas expanding through electrodes
- Arc extinguishes when resistance becomes too high
- Plasma zone forms with active radicals
- Constantly renewing catalytic activity




Features of the Reformer

Very high reaction zone activity:
- Compact reformer size
- Soot free operation


Plasma catalyzed, autothermal reforming:
- Low power requirement
- Very low amperage, high voltage
- Sulfur insensitive
- No solid catalyst
- Orientation can change


Flexibility on fuel input (NG NATO F76)


Variable operating temperature
- 800 - 1000°C typical


Operates at atmospheric to 50 psig



Our Small-Scale GTL pants have more running hours than any other company in the world today. We don’t just say we have GTL technology, we can show you and deliver.












The difference between Pearl Plant 2010 vs. CALVERT ENERGY GROUP GTL is 1/20th the size: