Calvert Energy Core
Business Principles

The strength of Calvert Energy culture is founded on the expectation that all employees hold themselves accountable to all customers, vendors, and co-workers alike. We are profoundly mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards to our community, environment, and our clients.

We embrace new ideas and welcome new opportunities. Our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for thought leadership serves as a powerful catalyst for growth and success.

We act with transparency and honesty. Our customers, co-workers, and business partners rely on us as a critical component of their success. In return, we honor their faith in us by offering utmost candor coupled with expertise.

We exemplify the meaning of high-touch, passionate, personal service. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to provide superior customer service while cultivating long term relationships. We take pride in serving as industry advocates, while meeting and exceeding our partner's needs.

We are persistently looking for new ways to improve personally, as a team, and as an organization to perform at the highest level for our clients. We expect our employees to take action, execute efficiently, and fulfill promises.

Calvert Energy Group Expands Global Footprint into Nigeria

Calvert has been in the forefront as a strategic partner in Nigerian flare gas reduction efforts and several states in Nigeria that are driving toward more indigenously produced fuel and fertilizer.


On May 3, 2018 Calvert has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bayelsa State represented by the Bayelsa Eco-Industrial City Limited to transform upwards of 100MMscfd of gas into diesel, fertilizer and power for the domestic Nigerian market.


The project will be located in the Bayelsa Eco-Industrial City complex that is currently under development.


Representing Calvert’s largest investment to date, the capital outlay plan will exceed $500 million and is scheduled to start 2nd quarter 2018. Tino Ceniti, President/CEO of Calvert noted, “We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with the people of Nigeria to address the need for more domestically produced fuels and fertilizer. It is a win:win for all parties.”


GGFR Technology Overview – Utilization of Small-Scale Associated Gas

Calvert Energy Group Named Leading Technology Provider for Gas Flaring Reduction

On March 2 CALVERT ENERGY GROUP (CEG) was recognized as a leading provider of technology by The World Bank’s “Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership” (GGFR). The GGFR is a public-private partnership that was formed in 2002 by multilateral organizations, governments, and oil companies. It is hosted and managed by the World Bank. GGFR provides a platform to support national governments and the petroleum industry in their efforts to reduce flaring and venting of gas associated with the extraction of crude oil.


Message from Tino Ceniti, President & CEO, CALVERT ENERGY GROUP “CALVERT ENERGY GROUP made this list because of our technology, track record of implementation and business model. Specifically, CEG was recognized as a leader in the Small Scale - Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Small Scale – GTL (Gas To Liquid) fields. We are extremely pleased to be include in the report from the GGFR. It is the result of many years of dedicated work focused on helping our partners reduce flare / stranded gas by monetizing what was once considered a waste product. This demonstrates our strength, commitment and capabilities to help companies and countries stop routine flaring.”


Download World Bank GGFR Technology Overview – Utilization of Small-Scale Associated Gas Extract


Download World Bank GGFR Technology Overview – Utilization of Small-Scale Associated Gas Full Report